With the dramatic decline in manufacturing, installation and equipment costs, solar photovoltaic (PV) systems are more cost effective than ever before. We are committed to serving the sustainable and financial needs of our valuable customers for their personal and commercial needs.

The SolarTech Process 

SolarTech systems have a 25-year power production warranty and an average lifespan of over 25 years, a solar panel investment can save millions of rupees in the long run.

Solar systems can protect facilities against rising electricity costs, but how does this process work?

Performance Services provides a 7-step process*. Performance Services will first review your most recent 12 months of electric consumption. We take a comprehensive approach to your energy usage trends so that our designs meet your Energy Master Plan needs. These designs include solar panel placement options, such as rooftop, carport, or ground mount SolarTech systems.

Once a solution is selected from our multiple design options, we will finalize your model.  Moving forward for Performance Services will do 3D layout and shadow analysis of the project to get maximum performance out of the plant.

Through our years of experience we firmly understand that moving forward with renewable energy solutions is a big decision.  Performance Services is here to support you and your stakeholders in any way possible. The solar process should never be a burden on your organisation, as we strive to make your facilities as efficient as possible.


Services We Offer

We offer to commission and install solar panels, large scale installation of polycrystalline silicon solar pv, monocrystalline silicon solar pv, thin film solar pv and turnkey projects on solar energy installations.

Solar Panels

Solar Designing

Residential Plants

Commercial Plants

3-D Drawing & Shadow Analysis

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