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SolarTech is a Solar Photovoltaic turnkey solution provider. Since 2012, it has been bringing the best & latest of solar solutions and power technology to the Indian market.

SolarTech engineering and technical expertise enabled it to design and configure world-class products to provide trouble-free solar solutions to a wide range of customers – residences, offices, factories, hospitals, resorts, schools, corporate offices, institutions, etc.

SolarTech is the authorized representative of the Nano Solars India  conglomerate NANO SOLARS GROUP in USA is having Highly Automated Nano Technology CIGS Solar module production facility of 150 MW capacities as a phase I with reputed European Technology Providers and will expand to 650 MW by the end of 2018 as a phase II expansion. The Company is focusing through various sub division to cater requirements on Solar Industry. Eterbright Solar Corporation, a HIWIN Group Company, founded in 2010, in Toufen, Miaoli, specializes in research, development and manufacturing of CIGS thin-film PV modules. Eterbright products are widely used in roof-type solar energy systems, large-scale power plants and so forth.

Our Products meet all required Standards like IEC 61215, IEC 61730, and IEC 61701 and have required certifications from internationally recognized laboratories and certification authorities which is approved in India by MINISTRY OF NEW AND RENEWABLE ENERGY – GOVERMENT OF INDIA.

Nano Solars India is an ISO 9001: 2008 certified company and offer Turnkey solution for Solar PV Power projects. It has and experienced team of engineers and professionals capable of providing best solution

SolarTech also provides customized solution matching requirement of customer in the field of Solar photovoltaic. Our team have many years of experience in driving quality & reliability of solar power project components and system for reliable power generation.

We believe in using best in class components, highly trained workforce to have the best quality workmanship, and finally emphasis on providing the right value point for our customer by way of best possible return on investment.

Solar Mission

To provide the world renewable energy sources at affordable prices. Our team was able to develop a unique technology and state of the art solution that will save millions of tons of fossil fuels because we take into account the environmental impact of our products from raw materials to the manufacturing process. We are always striving to improve the impact on the environment and we are very proud to say that our patented technology does not generate any harmful emission during operation and production.


Six years of experience


We provide valuable support from concept to commissioning


We strive for the latest technology

We are pioneers in the field of Energy Conservation

Solar Done Differently is about smart energy and its integration into your home or business.

Our Mission is to deliver the latest in solar technologies and work with your electricity needs, design preferences, and budget to create the best solar installation for you.

We design the solar panel system that maximizes your financial return. Solar is a long-term investment.

You should be confident that you’re making the best choice out of every rupee invested in your system.

Solar energy installations do not have to be unattractive. We work with the most innovative solar manufacturers and design customized solar systems that beautifully blend into your home’s exterior.

Customer service is our top priority and has been the key to our success since we opened our doors in 2012. We are local and work with and for the community. We only work with top quality manufacturers and our engineers design our systems in house.

What is our mission?

Highlights & results

We strive to bring latest technology to customer.

Our mission is to deliver the latest in solar technologies and work with your electricity needs, design preferences, and budget to create the best solar installation for you.

Enthusiasm delivering work outcomes above and beyond the expected call of duty through enthusiastically going the extra mile to achieve objectives.

Dynamism embracing flexibility to work seamlessly on different topics and issues, building transferable skills to meet the needs of SolarTech.

Creativity bringing the most creative solutions to the energy challenges faced by society today.

Responsibility to the clients, to colleagues and for delivering the objectives of SolarTech.


Solartech’s core competence in the energy sector expertise enables it to offer comprehensive services covering all crucial stages of Solar Photovoltaic (PV) project development from concept to commissioning. We offer following engineering services for solar power projects life cycle.