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Perpetual resources are renewable resources that cannot be exhausted, regardless of their rate of use. Perpetual resources are natural resources, because they are provided by nature without human intervention.

Nurture Nature - Ecology

In addition to making the most economical solar energy solutions, our mission is to also make the most ecological ones. Nano Solar CIGS modules have been designed to meet environmental standards and requirements.

Solar Panels

Solar power from the Invisible light; Nano Technology Solar CIGS panels, Breaking all the myths in solar; generating more power than any other technology , generating electricity even from Infrared & UV light.

Solar Energy

The energy that is sourceable, free and healthy

Solar energy is radiant light and heat from the Sun that is harnessed using a range of ever-evolving technologies such as solar heating, photovoltaics, solar thermal energy, solar architecture, molten salt power plants and artificial photosynthesis.

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Solar energy is the technology used to harness the sun’s energy and make it usable. Many are familiar with so-called photovoltaic cells, or solar panels, found on things like spacecraft, rooftops, and handheld calculators. The cells are made of semiconductor materials like those found in computer chips. When sunlight hits the cells, it knocks electrons loose from their atoms. As the electrons flow through the cell, they generate electricity.

On a much larger scale, solar-thermal power plants employ various techniques to concentrate the sun’s energy as a heat source. The heat is then used to boil water to drive a steam turbine that generates electricity in much the same fashion as coal and nuclear power plants, supplying electricity for thousands of people.

Did you know that the energy that it provides to the Earth for one hour, could meet the global energy needs for one year?

Solar’s economic dividends are easy to measure in rupees. By installing panels today, it’s possible to:

  • Save on electric bills
  • Generate passive income
  • Boost your home’s property value

But solar’s environmental dividends are no less tangible.

As more homes and businesses across the country install solar panels, our nation moves farther away from fossil fuel consumption and closer to a clean economy powered by the sun. The benefits of this transition are enormous:

Better health due to cleaner air, water, and soil

Greater energy security due to reductions in imported fuel

Stronger economic growth through the creation of green jobs

Reduction of greenhouse gas emissions, the main cause of catastrophic climate change, global warming, and severe weather

Solar energy’s dividends don’t simply benefit you – the system owner. They benefit anyone who enjoys having a cleaner and more sustainable environment (which means everyone).

The perennial source that never let us down in getting cost effective in our day today expensive list.

We’re committed to helping homeowners and business owners to reap the benefits of solar energy is a significant step forwards for the renewable energy industry. The cost of solar installations has dropped considerably in recent years and is in fact 100 times cheaper than it was 35 years ago. We believe SolarTech is bringing the most competitive package to the market yet so more people than ever before can profit financially and environmentally by producing their own energy.

At SolarTech we’re always looking for ways to help customers take positive actions at home for both the environment and their wallets. We know that our customers want to live more sustainably and together with SolarTech, we will help them to get more value from their solar panels and do just that.

With energy bills already going up 5%  every year. There’s never been a better time to customers to take back control of their electricity bills and maximize their savings by switching to solar and solar storage.

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We install solar power plant as per your requirements and needs, from concept to commissioning.

Superior Technology And Benefits Of Pioneering R&D

SolarTech brings you global quality solar PV and electronics. These products are the result of long term solar engineering experience and strategy in the energy sector.


Many resources are available for natural energy that provides us better future. Lithium-ion batteries is making a big change is solar storage and EV market.

Why go with SolarTech Solar Solutions?


SolarTech brings you Made-in-Taiwan modules from Eterbright Solar Corporation, a HIWIN Group Company, founded in 2010, in Toufen, Miaoli, specializes in research, development and manufacturing of CIGS thin-film PV modules. Eterbright products are widely used in roof-type solar energy systems, large-scale power plants and so forth.

Eterbright CIGS modules demonstrate high photoelectric conversion efficiency, outstanding performance of low-light power generation and stable module performance without attenuation. The use of cadmium-free substances and eco-friendly materials during manufacturing process not only enhances the environmental friendliness significantly, but also increase product competitiveness in the EU and the US, where environmental protection is highly valued. With own process development capacity and key technologies of difficult selenization-made, Eterbright will keep developing higher efficient products in the future.


NANO technology modules are the most light-sensitive type of panel in the market. The choice is basically between panels with a slightly higher efficiency rating* generating power for a shorter period of time each day, or panels that generate electricity from morning to sunset and in low-light conditions. Research shows that NANO technology panels produce more electricity per day operating in the same natural environment. They deliver high efficiency and high overall electrical output. Even though the current NANO efficiency may be slightly lower than that of silicon-based panels, CIGS panels absorb more sunlight per day and so they produce on average, 20-40% more energy daily (Compared to conventional solar panels).


Fast refinancing of investment thanks to cost advantage during manufacture Highly efficient energy yield (kWh/kWp) ensures stable earnings Solar energy can also be generated in low light conditions and shade High long-term stability thanks to the use of tried-and-tested industrial coating processes. Our panel efficiency increases with high temperature as opposed to Ordinary panels where the efficiency decreases with rising temperatures.

Nano technology panels have excellent performance during low light, cloudy or hazy conditions. Nano technology panels are activated by the presence of a low level of photons. They are less dependent on direct sun radiation or the position of the sun in order to function. For this reason, they are the most diverse and effective panel available for use in low light conditions.


The CdF® CIGS PV Module, Copper Indium Gallium Selenide Thin Film Compound Solar Module, is a proprietary technique of Eterbright Solar . This process, known internationally under the trademark CdF®, uses our revolutionary Cadmium-free manufacturing technique: not only does it create Cadmium-free products, but it also generates zero Cadmium waste. It passes product’s RoHS certification and represents what high efficiency and environmentally conscious engineering should be in the field of thin-film solar products and technology. This is in contrast to the manufacturing methods employed in building conventional thin-film compound solar cells, such as the CdTe thin-film solar cell, or the older CIGS thin-film solar cell with CdS buffer layer; both of these technologies contain Cadmium and generate Cadmium waste in their manufacturing, which is hazardous to the environment.

All roads lead to Solar!

Since we design the solar from the beginning

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